Friday, May 23, 2008

Indiana Jones 4: No.

Matt doesn't blog, so like any good wife sometimes I have to step up to the plate and put his wisdom out there:

Matt: Honestly, it's just a bunch of old men (Ford, Speilberg, Lucas) trying desperately to prove to themselves that they are still relevant, but instead are proving how utterly outdated their style and lines of thought are.

Today, audiences have been saturated by thin, illogical plot lines, cheesy snappy one liners, and ridiculous action scenes where a fat guy, or a paper thin girl can easily defeat an army of muscle bound fighters. And we are SICK of it.

And all they want to do is shovel all of these things that we are sick of in an ultra-concentrated form (Indi 4) and expect us to scarf it up for the sake of "nostalgia."

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TropicGirl said...

Did you see it? Utterly ridiculous. I liked the first 1 1/2 hours but the last 40 minutes is rubbish. Aliens? UFO's? This is Indiana Jones, not reruns of X-Files. :-(