Thursday, May 22, 2008

I am Emily Gould.

Okay, I'm not really but Sheila at Gawker has a point: We are all Emilys. I know I was (am?). I feel like I've grown a lot, as she surely has, but there are so many parallels between my personal disasters and her own. It feels good to know there are other reformed attention whores.

Emily Gould, you are my hero. It's tough to be mistaken for one who loves to be hated by those who love to hate you, but you have come out on top, especially among those who did not know your name before this article (me).

P.S. Josh Stein is an asshole, but not as much as Nick Denton. I don't even love to hate him, I'm just going to make today my first and last visit to Gawker so I never have to read his ugly hateful words again. Douche.

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