Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Diet Matrix

The Diet Matrix, a work in progress:

Everyone falls somewhere on the matrix. Either you are actively managing your diet, and choosing to put either healthy or unhealthy food in your mouth, or you are taking a backseat approach to eating and are either receiving healthy or unhealthy food. Where you end up is a result of psychological, social, and cultural factors.

It's interesting to ponder how different factors influence an individuals placement on this matrix. Why do some choose to actively control everything they eat, while others simply pull in to the first drive-thru they see? Why are some people constantly experimenting with the latest and greatest health craze while others sit back and finish their bag of Cheetos? Do eating disorders count as "active" because it is a controlled regimine, or should they be moved over to "passive" because it is the disease that controls the eating and not the individual?

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